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Course Reserves & Leganto: Tech & 3D Models Reserves

Technical Materials on Reserve

Technical materials in the Reserves collection are available for in-library use only, and may be checked out for four hours at a time. Renewals are allowed if no one else has requested the item.

Chargers and Cables

  • iPhone USB-C power adapter and charge cable [Mac charger] (Quantity: 2)
  • Apple 60W MagSafe power adapter] [Mac charger] (Quantity: 4)
  • Apple dual USB-C port power adapter and charge cable [Mac charger] [35W power adapter]
  • Apple 87W USB-C power adapter and charge cable [Mac charger]
  • Lenovo AC adapter/charger [computer charger cable]
  • Surface book power supply unit [Surface charger] (Quantity: 2)
  • UtechSmart 6 in 1 hub [USB C adapter] (Quantity: 3)
  • BrexLink USB to USB-C charger [phone charger] (Quantity: 2)
  • Amazon basics USB to micro-USB charger [phone charger] (Quantity: 2)
  • Amazon basics lightning to USB-A charger [phone charger] (Quantity: 2)
  • HDMI male to male cable (Quantity: 3)


  • Whiteboard supply kit [dry erase markers and eraser] (Quantity: 6)


  • Egghead stereo school headphone [headphones] (Quantity: 3)
  • Kensington hi-fi headphones [headphones] (Quantity: 7)


  • Dell optical laser mouse [electronics accessory]


  • TI-30X IIS [scientific calculator]
  • TI-83 Plus graphing calculator
  • Casio fx-115ES PLUS, 2nd edition (calculator) [standard scientific calculator]

3D Models on Reserve

3D models are available for in-library use only, and may be checked out for up to two hours (renewals are allowed if no other students have requested the model).

Models and Booklets

  • Deluxe eight-part ear [model and booklet] (Quantity: 2)
  • Male bone box [model]
  • Female bone box [model]
  • Child bone box [model]
  • Human half head : life size [model and booklet]
  • Human classic skull model, 3 part. (Quantity: 2)
  • Skull Model 4 AN723 GMS
  • Neuro-vascular skull [model]
  • Right knee [model]
  • Didactic flexible spine model with femur heads [model]
  • Heart, 2-times life size [model]
  • Heart, 7 part [model] (Quantity: 2)
  • Human eye model, five times full-size, 12 part [model]
  • Functional larynx model [model]
  • Lower human jaw model 5x life-size [model and booklet] (Quantity: 3)
  • Painted human skull model with opened lower jaw, 3 part [model and booklet] (Quantity: 2)
  • Teeth and jaw development [model and booklet] (Quantity: 2)
  • Female pelvis with ligaments, vessels, nerves, pelvic floor, organs [model] (Quantity: 3)
  • Hand skeleton model with ligaments and muscles [model and booklet]
  • Lifesize 70.8 inches flexible human skeleton model for anatomy and physiology [use on 12th floor]

Faculty interested in using a 3D model in a classroom should contact the Head of User Services, Dominique Couturier. Please email her at