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Augmented, Extended, and Virtual Reality

Practical Applications

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Example XR Tools

Our goal with the original Quest was to bring standalone VR to as many people as possible. We’re doubling down on that goal with Quest 2. It combines the performance gamers want with the flexibility people need, all at a price significantly lower than similarly featured headsets on the market. Quest 2 is more than just the next step in all-in-one VR. It represents years of feedback from developers, gaming enthusiasts, and the broader VR community, and we couldn’t be more grateful for this ongoing support

-Introducing Oculus Quest 2*, The Next Generation of All-in-One VR

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*Oculus was purchased by Meta and is now known as the Meta Quest 2

Simodont Dental Trainer offers the most advanced dental simulation solution in dental schools all around the world. Students discover and learn their profession in a highly realistic virtual reality training environment combining the most detailed 3D visuals with the crispest haptic feel and a vast and flexible choice of scenarios. Teachers can follow progress and mentor their students through all their learning steps from basic manual dexterity to complex clinical procedures without being constrained by the technology

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How do I know which viewers will work with my phone?

Choose a viewer that fits your phone's screen size. Most Cardboard apps work with Android 4.1+ and the latest iOS smartphones

Where can I find apps for Cardboard?

From the Google Cardboard app on ANDROID and IOS, you can discover Cardboard apps by selecting "GET APPS." You can also find more apps by visiting the PLAY STORE or by searching for "Cardboard" or "Virtual Reality" on the Apple App Store.

Can I use Cardboard if I wear glasses?

Yes, Cardboard works with most glasses. Some glasses may be more viewer-friendly than others, and some viewers may be more glasses-friendly than others. Check the specific viewer’s website for details.

Can I use a pizza box to make my own Cardboard viewer?

Yes. Make sure you order an extra large.

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