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Knowledge Synthesis

This guide includes content about systematic reviews, including general information and information about librarian assistance


It is not recommended to perform/assign a systematic review as:

  • A thesis or dissertation/class assignment (learn more here)
  •  Something to be completed in the summer

To start a systematic review, it's recommended you: 

  • Have a team of three active authors 
  • Have at least 15 months to complete a systematic review

We do recommend that prior to performing a systematic review, you should:

  1. Review guide, the Cochrane Handbook, JBI or PRISMA
  2. Review or attempt to fill out a systematic review protocol, through OSF or PROSPERO

To learn more about planning a review, look at the Cochrane Handbook or the JBI Manual


Timeline to complete a systematic review*

* Please note that this is over time, not all at once!


Schmillen H.(n.d.). Library Guides: Systematic Reviews (SRs): Timeline & Typical Workflow. Accessed May 31, 2023.