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How should ORCID be pronounced?

Picture of a purple orchidHow should ORCID be pronounced?

 BY aure Haak

As an international organization, we have encountered many different ways of saying “ORCID”. A recent query to our help desk asked us to put on our main page, “What is the right way to say the name? Is it “Orc-Eye-Dee” or “O-R-C-I-D” or “OAR-CID?” We are not that picky, so long as you register and use your iD. But, for those who want to know: ORCID has two syllables, and a hard “c”. Phonetically, it is pronounced “oar-kid”. I usually tell people it is pronounced like the flower “orchid” but spelled without the H. 

Why should I get an ORCiD?

  • It is required by over 100 journals. You can find a list of journals that require authors have an ORCiD here. Some of these journals include:
    • SAGE Publications
    • PLOS
    • Frontiers
    • Wiley
    • Springer Nature
    • BMJ Journals
  • An ORCID iD reliably connects you with your works, awards, and affiliations
  • ORCID alleviates mistaken identity. 
  • You own and control your record, managing what information is connected and how it is shared.
  • ORCID improves recognition for you and your research. 
  • ORCID increases discoverability of your research outputs


Some of this list was adapted from Meadows, A. (2017). Ten reasons to get—And use—An ORCID iD! Elsevier Connect. Retrieved March 24, 2023, from!

How to register for an ORCiD

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All you need is your First Name, Last Name, and the Primary Email you want to sign up with. You can add more than one email.